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Related post: Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 23:54:02 -0500 From: Brian Dixon Subject: The Quantum Mechanic: porno bbs Part 2Author's Note:It doesn't need to be said, but this isn't by any means politically correct. At all. If you have any delicate sensibilities involving a somewhat misplaced faith in Christianity or anything likewise similar (up to and including Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, new age things, etc.) then I'm afraid you'll be much turned off.As far as sexual things go there's nothing particularly out-there; The main thrust of the story (so to speak) is an establishment of a relationship between two entirely unhappy teens stuck in crappy lives and even crappier situations, chronicling how they deal with the fact that they know each other without having dated before. This is it. Asides from people their own age, there is no horny gym teacher, or manipulative, disgustingly lecherous old person masquerading as a crappy attempt at a bad guy.These boys are not happy-go-lucky. These boys DO NOT get together fairly quickly. And japanesesex bbs this is not primarily a relationship based on sex, just as the story is not primarily based on sex. just like bbs girls galleries a good relationship, though, there will be a healthy portion here and there.If you haven't been scared away yet, freesex bbs then ENJOY. And if you enjoy it (or even hate it) then feel free to e-mail me your opinions.---------------------------------------------------------------- The Quantum Mechanic: Part 2 The bbs top young majority of this tale takes place in and around the area of a small town known as Mannford. Lying bbs gallery teen somewhere non-specific in the North-eastern Oklahoma region, somewhere to the west of Tulsa County, this town does, indeed, exist, irrespective of your own beliefs, a bbs fuck ru lot like certain urban legends and Fred Phelps.It is a somewhat smallish city, its only attractions being the nearby lake and what is believed to be a Szechuan carry-out restaurant, which is in actuality a Thai carryout restaurant. (This happens a lot, by the way.) There is only one High School in all of youngs bbs biz Mannford; It's main draw is its baseball team, called the Pirates, and unique amongst them is that, in all of the surrounding cities, they have possibly THE gayest uniform ever created, being colored an awful gold and purple color and consisting of clingy cotton that post bbs young makes the ass look more round and the pouch bigger. They also have vests, which match their shirts. I believe enough has been said about that.Mannford is, like many small towns in Oklahoma, quite conservative, and approximately seventy-nine percent of its population attends the Mannford Church of Christ. Being the kind of small town where jobs of importance tend to be held by folks with the same last name, the head Preacher of their denomination was also the Mayor's brother, which, I can assure you, was not an unrelated incident.Yearly, festivals and fairs are held around the Keystone Lake, which appear to be a big deal, as sex photo bbs people from many towns around travel to see it, as it is quite child bbs vids a big lake and, after all, it's not like model kids bbs you can just take a drive to the ocean little bbs pedo if you want to swim. Oklahoma and all; Middle of the country, and all that.All in all Mannford was, and remains to be, unique in its own semi-modern, small suburb-type town asian nymph bbs way. Internet was a regular thing, as well as computers, and nary a zeps guide bbs board speck of farmland was to be seen inside the town itself. The town library was located on Main Street, I believe, across from town hall and sitting a few streets over from the police station.A small, kind of enjoyable, quiet town.But you know what they say.It's always the quiet ones.Always.3 o'clock in the afternoon in East Central's main office, located smack-dab in the east-central bbs little area of Tulsa, Oklahoma. topkds ls magazine bbs A row of chairs sit outside the councilor's door, more than half of them filled with various errant students waiting for their punishment. A half-dead plant sits on an end-table, wilting slightly. The air is stale, and Charlie Jackson is sitting here with a more than annoyed expression plastered young nudist bbs russia across his face, the likes of which everyone in his immediate social circle has associated with his 'unpleasant sarcastic bastard' mood.It has been seven days since his chance encounter with someone he'd never met before, and since that time his face has grown, day by day, more sour and bitter. While before his life had been merely acceptable, with no thoughts of his future save the liberation he'd get from his annoying step-father and less-than-understanding mother, this past week's introspection on the manner of things lost that had never been found had changed himNo longer did he think in terms of merely breaking free from their tyrannical oppression. He began to wonder bbs lola very young if perhaps, just supposing, there kiddie model bbs was something out there for him. It was as if a lightbulb had suddenly switched on in his head, a pulling chain that told him that there was a way teen angel bbs to get himself into a position where he wouldn't have to struggle endlessly, a way to get himself where he could help as many people as possible.Which was a major change- The previous Charlie had been, in the main, concerned with himself. Not to say that this was a character flaw by any means, even though that point could be argued. The fact was that the old Charlie was an irritated teenager who hated the lot life had bestowed upon him, and wished it would change.He was angry with the fact that his father dribbled and played with macaroni and paste at a mental institute. He was upset that his father's best friend (ironically the man his parents had named Charlie after) married his Mom and was an annoying, egotistic, know-it-all prick. He was upset with the fact that his Mom never wanted to hear about anything in free bbs porno videos his life, always assuming he was two-steps removed from a meth-crunching AIDS victim, wasting away the child bbs pics rest of xxx chld sex bbs his life in a desperate bid to fill that panic bbs russian forum of oncoming death with the next ultimately futile orgasm.Upset about many things, and all for himself. The realization that perhaps the world is bigger than it looks and the universe far more strange than anyone could know had changed him in subtle ways. He began to think about how others felt, how others would feel, in a situation like his. And that opened the doors.He began self-introspection, and seriously thought about things that concerned him and others. He began to think about the path his life was on; bbs nnude junior The thought that his path was leading to a dead end hadn't occured to him before this, but it seemed much apparent to him now. And if you're stuck in a situation like this, with no hope for yourself, then how can you afford to offer others hope?You can't, bbs sex free and so Charlie Jackson decided to do his damndest to re-rail his own train.He sat there between a dying plant and a nervous-looking Freshman girl and stared at the wall in front of him, as if daring it to say something. While not the most popular student at school by any means, Jackson was well-known bbs mpeg models gallery for two things: His utter icy exterior revealing a lack of understanding for anyone showing weakness, and the fact that he had an aura of indefinable sexuality about him. There wasn't anything particularly special about his looks- He had a naturally darker skin tone than some people, making him look as if he had a summer tan, and short black hair that he usually gelled forward in the way that many kids do, and a goatee that he was particularly proud of (also black.) He also bbs sex had a pair of blue eyes that looked more slate-gray than anything up close, sheltered by a pair of bushy eyebrows. He did not have a muscular build, nor even a slender build. He was husky, of solid build, and tall.It was not that his bbs young vids looks, on anyone else's face, would have been drop-dead gorgeous. It was the fact that he carried himself in the manner of an unsinkable ship. He bowed to none, gave little respect to anyone, and had an utter in-malleability that was tangible.He was, in short, not bothered by anyone's opinions. His were the only ones that mattered, and, as they say, self-confidence is about the best thing anyone can have. Charlie had so much of it that he was unbothered by anyone's opinions, and that was what gave him that special alex teen model bbs shine.The way he'd smile through a crooked grin and waggle his eyebrows at anyone he chose was a mark of how little he cared for other's opinions, for exclusive photo lola bbs it was a well-known fact that Charlie Jackson was a fucking adult forum bbs vlad faggot, and he would flirt with you if given half baby pics bbs the chance.Not to say that he'd make sexual comments, because that wasn't Charlie's style. A sly grin or a wink in the right place at the right time was more than enough for him, because in his opinion offering to suck some guy off in the bathroom was ridiculously stupid, and if Charlie was anything, he wasn't stupid, nor a very submissive kind of guy.Not by far.A girl with red hair and enough freckles bbs links to play nudist teens bbs connect the dots poked her head out of the Councilor's office and, with a barely suppressed narrowing of the eyes, lola bbs pics called Charlie.He nude lol bbs unfolded himself from the chair, and russina bbs made his way in.The guidance councilor peered down his nose at the files before bbs darkcollection forum him, a skeptical look on his face. He was a balding man with a pot belly and a tobacco-stained mustache, possessing an extraordinary smell of rank cheese. Charlie Jackson sat across doujinshi manga list bbs from him, hands clutched like iron grips against the wooden chair, an expression of extreme annoyance on his face."Well, I hate to break this to ya, Charlie," the Councilor said, "But... you don't have the best qualifications towards getting into your school of choice.""I knew *that*," Jackson said, glaring. "What can I do to change it?"The skeptical councilor leafed through two or three pages and frowned."Well, at this point in time?" the Councilor asked, almost hypothetically "I'd say you'd have to suddenly switch schools, somehow ask the grade fairy to keep your GPA at bbs best burgers duluth a 4.0 for the rest of your Junior and throughout your Senior year, and then start playing some kind of sport, of which you'd have to be nude bbs rompl fuck so amazingly good at that you manage to get a scholarship for it."Jackson's lip curled in a sort of disgust, which, after a short but furious struggle with his usual inner anger, fizzled out and turned into a sort of forced politeness."Why porn bbs young would I have to switch schools?" he asked after a moment.The councilor shook his head."Your reputation here," he said. "D'you really think you could get any teacher reccommendations?"Jackson considered this for a moment."Well, there's always-" he illegal bbs cum pictures said, and then drew a list bbs loitas blank. He blinked, and then looked at the Councilor. "I see. What about you?""Me?" the Councilor asked, laughing. "Yeah right."Jackson nodded his head in defeat."So I'm basically fu- screwed?" he editted."Nope," said his Councilor. "You are, in all actuality, self-fucked. Then again, if you really tried topless model 16 bbs hard, and aced every single asignment and every single test bbs teen collection of every single class you took, as well as suddenly changed your entire personality so you would be accepted onto a sports team, said sport being something you particularly excel in, then you have a chance. A slim one, perhaps the size of a toothpick in relation to the gargantuan teen candid bbs elm tree of a young russian bbs shitty future you have now, but still a slim one. And all that if, and only if, you switched schools.""I bbs forum lita see," Jackson said in a polite voice. There was no emotion on his face at all. "Thank you for pubescent bbs links your time. Do you happen to have bbs lol pussy your own bathroom facility here?""In the back," he said. "Don't stink it up.""I'll try not to," Jackson said with a wan grin, and then dissappeared inside.After a few moments, there was model teen bbs a loud, horrendous muffled scream of self-hatred forced into one four-letter bbs rompl pic word that started with F and ended with uck, which then turned into a series of sloppy, wet rasping sobs.Charlie Jackson was not, and had not been, a very happy boy for quite some time.On the drive home from school he considered veering into the opposite lane of rush-hour traffic accidentally-on-purpose three times, but then started thinking about all the hundreds of people he would wind up hurting and/or slowing down in the process (his brain mysteriously produced the number 1,567, which meant absolutely nothing to him at all) and so he decided against it. He thought of slitting his wrists and then writing on the wall a cruel message in blood about how he hated his life and it was all his family's fault, but then had an oddly vivid daydream about it, that maybe it would cause his little half-sister some kind of deep emotional trauma that would end up with her becoming a crackwhore and married to russian teen nudist bbs a man named Freddy with a tattoo of a dolphin in three colors on his right-upper back and having six kids, three from the neighbors in the next trailer park across the road, and then dying by, of all pree bbs things, a fork in the toaster.So deep in his depression was he that his thoughts had a sort of searing, viscous thickness to them that permeated the air around him."I wish my situation could change," he said to himself, half-out loud, not expecting anything but this continuous hollow sadness. "I wish I could go and be a success, no matter what teen model bbs lol I have to do."There was no boom; There was no loud, staticky crackle. No sound of a mysterious portal opening or closing. No buzz of realities converging. There was no ls bbs tgp noise at all but perhaps the astral equivalent lesbian pictures bbs of a pin hitting a marble floor, distant and vague at the back of your mind, heard but dismissed as a random case of tinnitus.Little did he know that at that exact moment, a phone rang at his house.It was good news, and it was bad news.But most of all, it was News.And he never noticed because his reflection had...Changed. ***Ben Tanaka lived in Mannford, where for the last week he had lived in a kind of miserable agony. Not so much for the fact that he was frustrated because of the Boy he had met that he had never met, but because of the fact sex children bbs that he hadn't bbs naked modles been able to get one wink of sleep.It was that goddamned cow."SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he screamed in agony, shoving a pillow over his ears.The cow moaned on in the droning, incessant tones of something so in-bred it will eat until its stomachs burst. It whined, and wailed, and generally made teen collection bbs loly bbs tgp loud, less than free sun bbs thumbnail pleasant cow noises, none of which remotely resembled a Moo. Ben wondered about that- He always assumed a cow did go Moo. Instead, it made more of a Muuur noise. japan junior model bbs Very loudly. And it wouldn't STOP.His mother had been passing in the hallway when Ben decided to scream, and wasn't very happy at all. As she narrowed her eyes at his door and made a mental note to bbs on boys kds speak bbs incest to him about language later, she walked past the cow on the second-floor teen stars bbs landing and completely failed to register either it or its horrible moans of scared-stiff agony. This was completely normal, and expected, as the cow was a ghost and had been long since sliced, diced, skillet-fried, powdered into gelatin, char-broiled, barbecued, baked, and made into hot dogs and the occasional McNugget.Ben's ability to percieve things others couldn't see was not a skill forced upon little flowers bbs him at birth. It was, like a majority of people, a skill he'd had when younger that, through years of conditioning in a spiritually-dead society, had bbs test withered and rotted like a vestigial tail. The start of his path towards true spiritual enlightenment had happened years ago after he'd had the japanese adult image bbs sudden realization that Satan was, on the whole, rather more genteel and nice towards human beings than generally accepted by the mainstream media.This he had decided for himself through perusal of the Bible, where, when read appropriately, an interpretation of arkan bbs certain scriptures scared the absolute shit out of him. bbs tgps Among those were one of the Psalms, wherein it states fozya bbs pics that all people are bbs photo 12 year like sheep and that the Lord is like their shephard.'And so he taketh us into his house, and anointeth us with oil' seemed to Ben like something you'd do to a sheep right before you barbecued and ate the poor son of a bitch. Marinating, et. al.In any bbs kds galleries case, he decided he liked his free will, thank you very much, as well as knowledge and bbs gallery nude intelligence, and he couldn't really see how people could convince themselves differently. lol to bbs pic After all, the Serpent was just trying to equal out the equation.Also interesting to him was the concept of the supposed Satanic 'Animal Sacrifice' bit. A bit ripe when childmodel bbs it came down to it, as God was the originator of THAT incest info bbs whole can of worms.In any case Ben had done some research, and found some things, and got with a group of like-minded individuals, becoming a member of a well-known Satanic group specializing in advancement of the mind to become like a God, involving no blood sacrifice or death of any kind, only grueling, consistent mental work and a healthy relationship between the member and the demons themselves, who were, in actuality, just pissed off Old Gods harassed from years of spiritual abuse from nearly every human around. He read some of the meditations, did them half-assed, and now...Well, the only truely lasting bbs tpg child pic things Ben had done were to inadvertently pry his third eye wide open and get an Incubus, mostly because he got lonely sometimes and, well, talk about a masturbation aid. There were times when Ben had stayed up all night feeling the pulsing rush bbs top50 teen nudes of energy from his demon-boyfriend vibrating in and out of him.Unluckily for him, he hadn't been able to feel any of that lately, nudist pictures bbs because of no rest.That GODDAMNED COW!The problem was that a cow is a cow, even when it's a ghost cow. Cows do not like to walk backwards, because they cannot see backwards, and as far as their bovine brain-waves figure, whatever they cannot see does not exist. Thus, a cow stuck ass-backwards in a stair well, ghost cow or not, will not step back to get down the stairs. Being a cow, it also does not have the ability to realize it kds bbs nude is dead.Much to Ben's dismay, the cow also did turk porn bbs not realize it could walk through walls. And the corridor pinched itself inwards in front of the cow, and thus the Cow lola top bbs pics became stuck with a capital S. Unable to turn around in its own mind due to the narrowness of the corridor, unable to step down the stairs backwards, unable to move forward for fear of its getting further caught, the only thing the cow reasoned it could do was moo in a particularly loud, annoyingly sad fashion, perhaps waiting for a passing farmer to rescue it.After a few more minutes of the incessant bovine static Ben got up, with shaky, red eyes, bloodshot from half-a-fortnight with nary a wink of undisturbed sleep, and then slung some clothes on, firmly deciding to find a park bench and then sleep ls pics bbs for three days unmolested.He stalked through the cow (which mooed in an alarmed fashion) and down the steps, grunting to his mother and nearly ripping the door romple bbs off its frame, then broke into a run until he hit the woods. Then he found the first comfortable bit of grass he'd seen, and fell asleep immediately.When he awoke the moon was high in the sky, he felt someone he couldn't see on his lap, and the noise of fall insect life echoed in his ears in a soothing way. He was relaxed, felt well-rested, and was positive that his mother wondered where he'd gone. He didn't care, though. All he cared about videos forum bbs girls right now was the cool breeze around him, the comfortable grass under his back, and the feelings bbs young model of someone sucking him off as he relaxed.Getting an Incubus was something he, at times, regretted. Other times he enjoyed it. Often he'd be sitting in class, trancing out when it came time to do some actual school-work, or watch a video, when he'd suddenly spring a boner and feel like he was getting fucked in class. It was ridiculous, sometimes. One time he had been on the couch watching Simpsons and he was suddenly mauled, in a good, but embarassing way. He'd had to excuse himself to the bathroom, where he furiously beat teen sex videos bbs off and blew a wad all over a newly washed model bbs nude pedo set of towels.As of yet his Incubus had not yet made him cum, unless seksi model bbs he came through a wet dream, and that had only happened once that he remembered. But talk about a turn-on. Ben could have astral sex for hours sometimes, only finishing himself off because he had school in the morning.He'd been unable to discover his Incubus' name yet, but he knew when shy bbs no nude he was present. Like now, when he teen pussy bbs could feel the Incubus' mouth over his cock like a non nude candid bbs fucking vacuum cleaner.Ben's bbs forum nonude eyes rolled into the back of his head, his hands gripped the grass, and his pants tented out. He felt hands against his torso, and his balls, and his all-over everywhere, and because it had been a long time since he stroked one off (seeing as a wailing cow doesn't really engender feelings of lust) he ripped preeteen girls bbs open his pants and jacked himself fastly, furiously, heart pounding and breath staggeringly quick, panting like a dog.He did not know he was being watched from the woods. He would not ever find out. Regardless of his ignorance of it, someone was, however, watching his fevered meat-slapping. This person watched, fascinated, as Ben writhed in a sort of lusty agony where he lay, his palms slick from where he spat in them for some makeshift lube. They watched as Ben moaned, and ran his hands over his own body, and twisted, his hips thrusting upwards as he jerked off with one hand. Watched as Ben's whole body acted as if he was getting the best fucking blowjob in his life, as he sank upwards into something only he could perceive.And then, like a cp bbs asian jackhammer, Ben thrust upwards three times through his slick fist, purple mushroom head swollen and engorged atop a veiny shaft, sticking from his fingers like a flagpole prize, his hips paused in mid-air as his orgasm swept through him and around his body and down and out his dick, cum splattering upwards, arcing, fountaining into the air, spattering onto his face , into his hair, and all over his shirt.Ben slumps backwards, too wiped out to do much but mutter 'fuck' and wonder how he's going to get home with cum stains on his black t-shirt. Then he smiles, and rolls over, nuzzling backwards into something only he can feel, content and safe in the knowledge that he is not, momentarily, alone.He does not see the person in the woods. But the person in the woods had seen him.And the person in the woods dissappears as silently as he came, his hand in his mouth, bleeding from where he bit it, his own hands hatefully rubbing against the sizable pouch of his jeans. -EOC-
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